Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about the Mars Global Surveyor

Rocket vs. aerobraking

Detecting carbonates on Phobos and Deimos

Who designed MGS

Solar panel problem affecting MGS mission

Altitude of MGS mapping orbit

Plane change maneuver

MGS orbital inclination

Number of photographs taken by MGS

Changes in atmosphere altering aerobraking

Percentage of surface to be imaged by MGS

Public interest in MGS vs. Pathfinder

Surveyor photographing Pathfinder

Sojourner and MGS

More information from Pathfinder or MGS

Tracking stars with rotating cone shape

MGS mapping the "face" on Mars

MGS computer

Solar panel's effect on aerobreaking

Could the HST see MGS or Pathfinder

Weather's effect on aerobraking

Correcting MGS trajectory if knocked off course

Weight of spacecraft

When will Mars gravity overtake the Earth's on MGS

Clean environment for the Surveyor

End of aerobraking

Emotions on the way to Mars

Current images of Mars

MGS most costly part

Time for MGS and Pathfinder to get to Mars

Time working with cameras

Percentage of women who work on the MGS project

Power source for Mars Global Surveyor

MGS vs. Viking changes

Surveyor launch by shuttle

Will MGS rewrite the Martian globes

How many Martian orbits will MGS make

Length of MGS mission (Earth years or Martian years)

MGS materials

Time to develop Mars Global Surveyor

Future use of MGS

Photos in-route

Aerobraking and altitude