WebChat Online Help

How do I receive messages?

Once you are on a WebChat page it's very simple. Whenever you want to receive the latest in the conversation, click on the Chat button. Any new conversation will be sent to you, along with a few of the paragraphs you've already seen (for context). The new stuff will be near the top of your screen, with a red arrow pointing at it. If there is nothing new the server will tell your browser that, and won't send anything. Some browsers handle this by just leaving up the page you already had; others may redraw the screen anyway.

If you want to scroll back in the conversation, enter the number of messages to scroll back in the scroll back box and then click on the Chat button.

If the person sending something gave a URL for a picture of themselves that will be displayed to the left of their name. And if they included references to inline gifs in their message text these will be displayed too. Any hyperlinks they put in will be made live and indicated by a live word.

How do I Send a Message?>

All you need to do to send a message is type it into the big text entry area on the screen and then click on CHAT.

Of course, if you want to be known by something other than the name "Anonymous", it would be good to fill in the HANDLE box before you send something. You can call yourself anything you want, and there's currently no checking for the name being taken (although that will be added later).

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