At Work on Live from the Hubble Space Telescope

Stanislaw Rozniatowski.'s Class
from Nicolaus Copernicus Secondary School nr 1 in Opole Poland
A Verbal Portrait

We are new onboard. My name is Stanislaw Rozniatowski. I'm a teacher informatic and Phisics in Nicolaus Copernicus Secondary School nr 1 in Opole Poland. I'm chief of astronomical team in this school. My pupils are very interested in atmospher of Neptune. We saw some cyclons and clouds in photos from Voyager 2 when this satelite flown near this planet. One my student is very interested in moons of Neptune (Tryton) and his rings. Here are more informations about me, my students, my school, and city About my city : We live in Opole. This is medium city in Silesia (south-west Poland) between great cities Wroclaw and Cracow. 50 40N and 17 55E. In Opole live 130 000 people. My city is a capital of Opole region (Slask Opolski). Across my city flows Odra river .We have university and Institute of Technology and many small high schools. About my school : 1 Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Mikolaja Kopernika w Opolu (this is full polish name) or Nicolaus Copernicus Secondary School nr 1 in Opole is the oldest school in Opole region. Our school stood up in May 1945 (before this date Opole region for over 800 years was a part of German or Austrian). We are the best school in the city. We have over 800 students. Students learn in my school for 4 years. We colaborate with schools in France and Germany. About my school access to Internet : We have had access to internet since November 95. We belong to Polish Project Internet dla Szkol IdS (polish name and nickname) or Internet for Secondary Schools (english) . Chief of this project is Mr Jacek Gajewski from Dep. of Physics Warsaw Uniwesity. Since now over 100 polish Secondary Schools have access to Internet through this project. IdS Server URL location : My students made: our school WWW page (only in polish). I think that the english version of this page will be available in march (or in april). About my studens: In my HST team are 10 person from 3rd class (17-18 years). We don't have problem with english language, some words are difficult for us, but we have dictionaries of course. My students want to present themself. Here you are 5 students' from our team presentation. Hi! My name is Dawid. I'm interested in informathic, geography and astronomy I have found this project in Nasa server. I'm very exciting that I can take a part in this project. I'm good geographer. For example two year ago I looked at Jupiter clouds. I know everything about clouds and cyclons on Jupiter. I want to inquire something about atmosphere of Neptune. Hi! My name's Piotr. I'm interested in maths, music, astronomy and history. My fascination in astronomy are rings of Neptun. I know much about it, but I want to know more. I like philosophy ( the Ancient). Hi! My name is Artur. I'm very interested informatic. I even know much more about this than my teacher. I like astronomy (especially stars). I'm intersted in Internet and Fido network. I'm SysOp of school BBS. Hallo! I'm Marek. I'm intersted in mathematic, informatic, astronomy and ancient history. I like astromical observations, but we haven't good conditions in Opole to doing this. I'm impress about fractals and genetic algoritmes (AG). I'm listening classic music. Hi! I'm Lukasz . Like my friends I'm interested in informatic ( I have already written some programs ), sport , films and music . I'm keen on satelites of our planets too. I'm glad I enjoy in Your project . And now something about me : I graduated University in Opole ( physics and informatic ) .I teach informatic and physic in my school and in Institute of Technology in Opole. My hobby is astronomy, music, films and photos too. In my school is another teacher and he teach physics and informatics too. I very like Carpathian Mountains. Good Bye Sincerely Your Stanislaw Rozniatowski and LfHST Team from Opole