Birthday Greetings

from Taylor Road Middle School Alpharetta, Georgia

Teacher: Donna O'Callaghan
6th Grade Science Teacher

 Happy Birthday. You're 90.  That is a great age!!!!!!  
  Thank you for finding Pluto.  It is a great planet.  

  6 grade

  Thank you for discovering my favorite planet, Pluto.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  You are very smart!
  6th grade

  Lots of brains
  Too cool for school
  Outstanding knowledge

   Happy birthday, Clyde!
   Thank you for discovering Pluto!
   You are a big role model for a lot of people.
     Sarah Shelton
  Dear Mr.Tombaugh,
  Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for discovering Pluto. 
  I hope you live much longer, and live a happy life.

    sixth grade

      Pluto got discovered by YOU!
      Let us know more about Pluto.
      U are very smart. 
      Thank you for discovering Pluto. 
      Outstanding knowledge. 

   Brian Yi
   6th grade


  Happy birthday Mr.Tombaugh!

   How does it feel to be the man who discovered Pluto?
   It must have been exciting. How do you like being 
   90 years old? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

      Nick Danna
      6th grade

   Happy Birthday Mr.Tombaugh,

    You are the guy that discovered the tiny ball,
   That you can't buy at a mall.
    Pluto is so very cold,
  and if you want it,it can't be sold.
    You discovered it at Lowell, 
  It looks like a tiny pebble.
                        Happy Birthday,
                      Mr. Tombaugh

  Mark Daley and Charlie Wyatt
  6th Grade

    Outer Planet

   Carli Kunitz and Kristin Nelson
   6th Grade

    Poem about Pluto
    Left in the back
    Uranus is in front of Pluto...until 1999
    Tombaugh discovered Pluto
    On the planet earth

  Steven Singler and Cyrus Malekabadi
  6th grade

   Pluto discovered by Clyde Tombaugh

   Lives in the back of The Milky Way

   Uranus is one planet away from Pluto

   The only planet discovered by an American

   On 1929, Pluto was discovered

   George Yim and Brennan Nugent
    6th grade

  Pluto is now a planet ,thanks for your discovery.

  Learning a lot about the planet is very fun.

  Unless we have to write 20 pages about Pluto.

  Tombaugh is the best

  Over everybody else!

      By: Ashley Smith,Shayda Yavari

  Pluto is a cool planet.
  Literally it is a cool planet.
  Unfortunately too cool for us.
  This planet's only moon is made of ice which is cool, too.
  Out of the nine planets, Pluto is the coolest.

      Zach West and Chris Koehn
      6th Grade
       spaCe was his life
          Lived In Kansas
          Years lived is ninety
          Discovered Pluto 
       phoEnix is where he found it

    John Busing and Kyle Vevoda
      6th Grade

                        Pluto was discovered by a man,
                        His name wasn't Dan.

    			His name was Clyde Tombaugh,
			who didn't look low.
    			Found in Febuary 28, 1929,

			This year he'll be ninety,
			getting really mighty.

			Only planet discoverer from U.S.A.,
			He'll be respected in every way.

			He will be remembered forever,
			Forever, forever, forever.

Jeffry and Greg
6th grade


    Put a happy face on
    Let the sun shine in
    Universally known
    To all
    On your Birthday!

   Happy Birthday Clyde!!

 From Johanna and Carolyn!

   To somebody special
   On your birthday  
   May everyone bless you on this very day
   Bundles of joy are in our hearts
   Americans thank you for the planet,Pluto
   Gave us our far out planet
   Happy Birthday to an important person

Ashley Crowe and Nicole Agnew
sixth grade


  One faithful day in 1929,the planet Pluto was discovered
  This person named Clyde was the only person in America to 
     discover a planet
  He put in a lot of money because he knew something was there
  Clyde kept on trying because he cared
  This Kansas boy is turning 90 this year
  We all just want to jump up and cheer
  Happy Birthday Clyde from every one here



  Fine Fellow  

  Excellent Man

  Beautiful Brain

  Reusing your brain power

  Unforgetable Discovery

  Achieving your goals

  Remembering your excellence

  You're my envy forever

  Have a nice birthday we hope it's unforgetable!!!

  Kristin Rhyne and Tricia Klaer