Happy Birthday Dr. Clyde Tombaugh!-Maywood Center, Seattle, Washington!

Teacher: Diane Smith-Maywood Center

Happy 90th Birthday! 
Thanks for our smallest planet. 

Stephanie Brown


Mr Tombaugh, have a happy 90th birthday,
thanks for discovering pluto.

              Your friend,
                 Matt Sheldon


I am 9 years old.  My name is Joshua Brown.  


Happy Birthday Dr. Tombaugh. Thanks for discovering our smallest planet. 
must have spent a lot of cold nights in that cold observetory looking for 
Pluto. It may be small but it is still important. It was a planet X but 
you discovered it and it became known as Pluto.


                                        Wesley Jo Smith  Age 10


Dear Mr. Tombaugh
        Happy 90th birthday.  Ninety years a go I wasn't even born, heck my
parents weren't born, as you sat in the cold observitory looking for Planet
X.  Pluto fasinated me as a boy, but as I grow I find myself being drug away
from my interest by my education.  Once again Happy B-day and many 

  			Thomas Riehl