Happy Birthday, Clyde from Six students from Madison Elementary School

                        Pluto is a planet you discovered it's true
                        Let's sing a Happy Birthday song to you!
                        U were born in 1906
                        Tombaugh's your name
                        Observing planets is your game!

               Happy Birthday Dr. Clyde Tombaugh!

Dear Dr. Tombaugh,

It's amazing all the things we have learned from the planet that you
discovered, Pluto. If you don't mind, we would like to ask you a couple of
questions. When, where, and how did you discover Pluto. I mean were you just
sitting down at home looking through your telescope or were you in a big
observatory with a huge telescope. Me(Ryan Green) and five other
students(Brandon Platz, Bryan Urquhart, Craig Hazlewood, Ryan Opsal and Alex
Iorio) are all working on a project that allows us to learn all about 
Pluto ,
and also Neptune. Pretty  soon are entire six grade class at Madison
Elementary School will studying all about Pluto and also it's moon, Charon.
We will also be studying  Neptune. So if you have any information on Pluto
please send it to us at this address.