Explanation of The Weather Activity Results

Dear Weather Watchers,

Congratulations on a job well done ! For a week you all worked as a great team, observing and recording the weather in your area and showing how the sum of all those observations can lead to a pretty clear picture of the weather across the whole US. Your data even allowed me to create the weather summaries you'll read below.

So, here are plots of all your weather data along with actual satellite images and weather maps for each of the five days from April 15 through 19 as supplied to PTK by The Weather Channel. As you can see, the weather observations you made and the data you sent in corresponds well with the "official" data for these days.

I hope you all enjoyed this activity and enjoyed seeing how weather observation and forecasting requires a team effort. You were all part of a great team and again congratulations !

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16 Wednesday, April 17 Thursday, April 18 Friday, April 19 And that's our look at the week's weather -- thanks to all you Weather Watchers !! Those who wish to can measure the change in position of some of the features on this week's weather maps and calculate their speed . Then compare these speeds to the speeds you calculated for the faster jet streams on Jupiter in the activity in the Teacher's Guide. How do these compare with some jet streams on Neptune that have been clocked at over 1000 miles per hour ? How fast would our weather maps change if we had such winds propelling storms on earth ?

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