Pluto PLANET ADVOCATE Marc Buie writes:

"There aren't many books out there that discuss Pluto itself instead of the history of its discovery. I've included one book that has a good chapter on Pluto, a recent Scientific American review-type article (written by a good friend of mine), and a collection of news notes and short articles over the years from Sky & Telescope. These S&T articles illustrate the progress that is being made in understanding Pluto up to the current day."

A student who absorbed all this information would be very well prepared to discuss the proposed HST observations of Pluto. To get any deeper would require reading articles in the professional journals. For more information check my web page!

Here's the list:

Planets Beyond: Discovering the Outer Solar System. Mark Littmann. John. Wiley & Sons, 1988.

"Pluto". R. P. Binzel. Scientific American, June 1990, p. 50-58.

Sky & Telescope:

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