Possible Topics to Explore

  1.  Preserving "Earth's last great science laboratory"
  2. Scouts (Boy and Girl) and Teachers visiting Antarctica
  3. Territorial claims in Antarctica
  4. Protecting the untapped natural resources (esp. minerals, oil) in Antarctica
  5. The environment: ozone layer and greenhouse effect
  6. Impact of tourism in Antarctica
  7. Fishing rights
  8. SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
  9. International Geophysical Year
  10. The Antarctic Treaty
  11. International Polar Years (1883 and 1932)
  12. Women in Antarctica
  13. Writers/journalists sharing their view
  14. Research Stations in Antarctica
  15. The Race to the Pole
  16. Ocean animals and the food chain
  17. Sea birds of Antarctica
  18. Ice: shelves, sheets, packs, polynas, and the 78 kinds!
  19. Pollution at Winter Quarters Bay (the dumping ground for McMurdo Station until the late 70s)
  20. Recycling in Antarctica, operating at 3-4 times efficiency of the best American state