Setting up for Assessment

  1. Discuss with the class the necessity of tracking each individual's academic progress. In a unit of learning such as the one they are about to undertake -- an electronic field trip -- how might this be done so that students benefit and teachers can evaluate individual as well as group performance?
  2. Brainstorm a list of assessment items with which they are already familiar (quizzes, tests, essays, oral presentations, projects, reports, etc.). If students have not already suggested them, introduce the concept of student portfolios as an assessment tool and explain how they are used. What do they think a portfolio of student work should include? List all suggestions. Share with class the Sample Portfolio list below.
  3. note cards for oral presentations daily or weekly log entries
  4. news articles about Antarctica from current publications (print or on-line)
  5. summaries of activities they liked or disliked, along with explanations
  6. Decide which items must appear in every student's portfolio. Provide each student with hard copy of necessary items, include the list of suggested items.
  7. Hand out and discuss the use of the Daily Learning Log (Activity A.2 Student Worksheet); will there be a minimum that must be included in each student's portfolio?
  8. Have student's design cover for their Antarctica Logbooks.
  9. Share Assessment ideas with other teachers via discuss-lfa.
  10. Share individual Student Portfolios by sending work samples to the Live From Antarctica 2 website at http://passporttoknowledge.com/antarctica2

Sample Portfolio List

Blackline Master #A.1