Take to Antarctica

(from the USAP Participant Guide, 1996, page 24)

Clothing items:
bath towels and washcloths
boots (work, climbing, hiking, insulated; Vibram, as needed for your work)
gym clothes/shoes
jacket (pile and windbreaker)
laundry bag
pants (cotton, heavy twill, denim)
shoes (walking, hiking)
sheets (if desired)
shirts (light wool or cotton flannel, long-sleeved)
shoes (walking/hiking)
sock liners (polypropylene or Thermax)
socks (cotton)
sweaters (heavy and light)

alarm clock (windup or battery operated)
batteries (rechargeable systems recommended)
camera or video system
combination or key padlock
day pack or flight bag
hair dryer
hobby, craft items
holiday items
personal water bottle, mug or thermos
prescription and over-the-counter medications
tape/CD player
toilet articles (sun block, toothpaste, dental floss, soap, comb, razor, shave lotion, deodorant, cosmetics, skin lotion, etc.)

Don't Take to Antarctica!

(from the USAP Participant Guide, 1996 Edition, page 23)

The USAP waste management program and the law affect what you can take to Antarctica. Read and follow this list when packing and with friends who may mail you packages!

Polystyrene packing. These beads, chips, and peanuts pose a thread to wildlife.
House plants and non-sterile soil. Introduction of non-indigenous species (except food) is prohibited.

Aerosols - Pressurized containers of deodorant, hair spray, and shaving cream become hazardous waste because of the ingredients or because they are pressurized.
Non-reusable plastic containers - such as shampoo and lotion bottles and film cans. Buy single containers large enough to meet your needs or pack items in reusable containers. Take extras and empties back home with you.
Dry cell batteries - such as mercury, alkaline, and lithium cells. Buy rechargeables and a battery charger. Select devices that use a common battery size.
Magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and "junk mail"- the library has reading matter, and news and sports are available on TV and on the Internet. Cancel or restrict subscriptions.

Other Recommendations:
Buy biodegradable soaps and shampoos.
Buy pump sprays, sticks (deodorant) and tubes (shaving cream), not aerosol containers.
Repack your personal products. Camping outfitters sell various containers. Ziplock bags are good for aspirin, vitamins, and prescription drugs (keep the labels).
Cushion items in whole (not shredded) newspaper or clothing. Reuse boxes and packaging you receive in the mail.
Take all your belongings with you when you leave.
Participate in the waste segregation and recycling program.
Suggest new ideas for waste reduction.

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