Journal of Ann Devereaux

Date: Saturday, Jan 11 1997
From: Ann Devereaux, Palmer Station

(Ann is on the NASA ACTS Satellite team)

Though we're finished setting up the terminal, and are anxious to try it out, we aren't able to get satellite time. The satellite we are using, the Advanced Communications Technologies Satellite (ACTS), is owned by NASA and loaned out for many NASA activities. We have to share the time using it, then, and today someone else gets it instead.

One thing I've noticed about this place is that it has been hard to adjust my sleeping schedule to something normal. It is light here all day (even at 2-3 AM!), and any time I wake up during the night, my internal clocks all tell me it is time to get up. Unfortunately, this makes for not-restful sleep. In addition, Palmer is 5 hours advanced from my home in Pasadena, and so even a later wake-up call of 8 or 9 seems like 3 or 4 in the morning to me. Of course, I will become adjusted to the time difference just as I have to leave in a month, and the I will bore all my friends back home by insisting to go to bed by 7 PM. Ah well.

					Ann Devereaux  

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