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Welcome to the Life from Antarctica 2 Web site!

This is a quick note to get you started. We have created three views, each is slightly different.

All three views share some characteristics. Each is best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or greater or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or greater since the site makes extensive use of frames. The frame is the navigation choices that appear on the left side of every page once you leave the opening page. Don't worry if you use a different browser however -- we have alternative pages if you cannot display frames. In each case, we recommend that you bookmark the specific view home page that is most relevant to your needs -- either the teachers, the students, or the parent/general public page.

The Teachers View has special sections of interest to teachers -- like a full version of Teachers Guide for LFA2 which will help teachers and those who are home schooling to get strategies and specific activity plans for using the web site, the live video programs and other resources as part of classroom instruction. We ask any one using LFA 2 in an instructional context to please complete the registration form upon entering the view the first time. Bookmark the teacher home page and you can avoid going through this step on subsequent visits.

Also, there is a special link from the Teachers view to the Student View so that teachers can quickly review the student information and activities as the site grows and is updated.

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