The Great LFA2 Journal Scavenger Hunt!

We think you will find LFA 2 Field Journals offer a unique and exciting "over-the-shoulder" view of the daily life and work of the Antarctic Team. Your students can meet the men and women (many of whom are featured in our live programs) who dedicate their lives to expanding our understanding of this remote continent and its precious ecosystem.

The Great LFA2 Journal Scavenger Hunt is designed to motivate students to get "up front and personal" with our Antarctic Team by having them solve the following set of clues -- all of which can be answered by carefully reading the Journals in "From the Field" on-line.

Read on and answer these ten questions. Passport to Knowledge will draw (from a hat!) a grand prize winner: prize to be determined from those entries with the most correct answers.

All participants will be recognized online via our web site! We hope you have FUN and enjoy LEARNING about life as Antarctic Team Member!

On to the hunt!

  1. Even though LTER personnel are NOT working "in the field" all year round, THESE do their jobs all year round submerged at 328 feet under the surface!

  2. You are a NASA ACTS Satellite Team member. What do you look for on the display of your radio to see if the signal between Antarctica and NASA JPL is on target?

  3. These are vital to penguin researchers as they can reveal information about the close relations of penguin families and the potential for becoming strong swimmers.

  4. Like a roller coaster ride, you body feels like it loses 1/3 of its weight to almost instantly gain it back in two fold. WHAT'S HAPPENING?

  5. Even though teens would really miss this, their allowance would likely not cover but a few minutes weekly use of this "tool" if they were based at Palmer Station!

  6. Humans often enjoy this "earthy" hobby, but for penguins its an essential habit that often results in fights with neighbors!

  7. What is larger than a train engine, often heard late at night, and the bigger it is, the LOUDER it falls?

  8. Who is 1/2 foot tall with feet and "noses" the color of brown coal, and are as big as a ball used in a lawn game?

  9. On a very quiet night this is the most noticeable sound in and around Palmer Station and without it the Antarctic Support Associate Area Manager might have BIG headaches!

  10. The special guest featured in Program 3 ("Seeing the Future?) studies levels of this substance found in the ocean as there are direct ties to something called the "biological pump" which provides our source of fossil fuel.

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