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Sudden death of all penguins and impact on ecosystem

Penguins as food for humans

Hail & sleet's affect on birds

Polar duke in harm's way (the drake passage)

Orca whales in antarctica

Age of captains of the polar duke

Cost of sending the polar duke to antarctica

Risks aboard the polar duke

Polar duke stuck in the ice

Telling directions

Disposing of human wastes in antarctica

Insects in antarctica

Volcanic eruptions -- type and frequency

Antarctica's land surface and past high temperature

Opportunities for military service in antarctica

Effect of volcanoes on their environment

Using oxygen isotopes to determine temperatures

Penguins and the dry valleys

Ddt in penguins

Volcanic eruptions and effects

Frequency of antarctic volcanic eruptions and type

Volcanic lava and ice melting

Effect of 4.5 degree f temperature change

Telling directions in antarctica

Age of captains (polar duke)

Riding the trolley at palmer station

Frost bite

Scientist's stay in antarctica

Time zone in antarctica

Polar duke stuck in ice

Warmest and coldest days in antarctica

$10,000 fine for touching animals

Polar duke hazards

Elephant seals stuck on land

Penguin bites

Decomposition of animals in antarctica

Time to get food for baby adelie penguins

Size of penguin eggs

Emperor penguin's fish diet

King and chin strap penguins

Plankton diet

Snoring penguins

Source of orange and yellow on emperor penguins

Determining the age of penguins

College preparation for scientists

Source of penguin's drinking water

Penguins survival in the arctic

Albino penguins and malformations

Injured penguins

Inspiration for antarctic studies

Life span of male vs female penguins

Source of drinking water for penguins

Life in antarctica

Rookeries and aggressiveness in penguins

Shortest and favorite penguin

Emperor vs king penguins

Fiber optics efficiency at palmer station

Leopard seal's daily intake

Channel island cormorants and antarctic cormorants

Recreational fishing

More on producing electricity

Concerns about riding in zodiacs

Penguin's and avoiding leopard seals and orca whales

Melting of the antarctic peninsula

Penguin's diving ability

Inspiration for going to antarctica

Polar bears in antarctica

Producing electricity in antarctica

Humble island and scientist's studies of penguins

Lost penguins

Penguin's inability to fly

Comparing the arctic and antarctic

Average high and low temperatures

Earthquakes and storms

Vegetables growing in antarctica

Plant growth in cold climates

Miscellaneous questions about krill

Krill's ability to glow in the dark

Difference between antarctic krill and warm-water krill

Fast growing elephant seals

International countries studying antarctica

Differences between types of seals

Impact of antarctic snow and ice melting

Animals falling into crevasses

Using penguin fat as candles (voyage of the beagle)

Leopard seal's penguin-eating habits

Leopard seal attacks on humans

Ross seals

Storms per year in antarctica

Ph levels of rain and snow

Antarctica warm in the past

Survival of penguins in cold and blubber thickness

Survial rate of penguins and predators

Catching penguins and adult's reaction to handling chicks

Fat amount and fierciest penguin

Tourists carrying illnesses

Power required to send signal from antarctica

Penguin's movement

Black color in penguins

Ships sinking off antarctica

Distance between palmer station and punta arenas

Pollution and the r/v polar duke

Adelie's and incubation of eggs

Source of the name "adelie" penguin

Possible extinction of penguins

Protecting penguin chicks from skuas

Petrel diet compared with penguin diet

Penguin's benefit to food chain

Hole in giant petrel's beak

Impact of tracking devices on predators

Skua attacks on giant petrels

Warm water studies' benefit in understanding cold oceans

Farming the seas

Darkness in antarctica

Tropical rain forests and volcanoes in antarctica

Living in antarctica permanently

Dr. bovard's stay at palmer station

Human behavior studies and harsh environments

Non-scientists jobs at palmer station

Different kinds of penguins

Penguins staying in antarctica

Most common penguins

temperatures in chile and antarctica

Difference between seals & survival features

Studying the ozone layer

Different animal species in antarctica

Dr. fraser's decision to study antarctic birds

Tourism, penguins and garbage

Increase in petrel population

Surprises regarding the environment of antarctica

Increase in elephant seal population

Six months of darkness

Rarest animal seen around palmer station area

Recreational facilities at palmer station

Surviving the cold & penguin fun

Meals in antarctica

Personal goals

Games people play

Ice studies and findings

Penguin and seal fur and warmth

Penguin breeding places

Elephant seals vs penguins (attacks)

Motivation to study penguins

Size of humble island and breathing rate of penguins

Size of the ozone hole

Annual precipitation

risk aboard the polar duke

Real emergencies aboard the polar duke

Penguins and rabies

Penguin's running speed

Size of penguin chicks

penguin illnesses

Most common type of penguin in antarctica

Penguin's life span

Survival rate of adelie penguins

Orange around neck of penguins

Penguin eggs

Fighting between different penguin species

Different penguin species breeding

Observing attacks on penguins

Tracking juvenile penguins

Number of feathers in penguin's coat

living in antarctica

training to serve as nasa acts team member

Summer in antarctica

Stopping the circulation in penguin's feet

Penguins migration habits

Prepartion for studying penguins

Size of penguin chicks

Life span of penguins

Getting body stuck to metal

Protecting penguins

Cannibalism in antarctic animals

Telling time in antarctica

Southern ocean pollution and effect on animals

Penguin attacks

Length of time baby penguins stay with mothers

Penguin's rock dropping habit

Identifying male and female penguins

Penguins who have lost their mate

Feeding baby penguin chicks

penguin diet

Penguin behavior around people

Skua description

Wildlife attacks on researchers

Humans impact on penguin habitat

South pole, geomagnetic south pole, and magnetic south pole

Dinosaur fossils found in antarctica

iceberg movement

Proper clothing to stay warm

Blown over by the wind

Antarctica is a desert

Percentage of antarctica covered with ice

Rooms aboard the polar duke

meaning of arktos and antarktos

Freezing to death

Seasons in antarctica

Date palmer station built and purpose

Lowest temperature recorded in antarctica

Playing in the snow at palmer station

Food, numbers & lifeboats aboard the rv polar duke

Problems on trip to palmer station

Iceberg noise when turning "turtle"

Falling overboard the polar duke

miscellaneous questions about the rv polar duke

Polar duke and ice breaking

Ultraviolet rays effect on antarctic animals

Antarctic plants

Working safely outdoors in antarctica

ozone hole affect on plants and animals

water temperature

Size of icebergs

antarica melting and the ozone hole

Plant life in cold water

penguin porpoising

baby penguins need for warmth

Baby penguins and cold weather

Age penguins learn to swim

Incubation of penguin eggs

Depth penguins dive

Time penguins spend in water

other animals staying in antarctica yearly

Lack of antarctic land animals

Antarctic penguin's life expectancy

Penguins - hot days, meals, and chasing mates

Applying penguin research to human behavior

Keeping penguins in lab

Protecting self and diseases from penguins

Number of eggs penguins lay & survival

thickness of penguin blubber

penguin migration

animal migration in winter

Numbers of penquins born yearly

baby penguin in distress

Gas from spill (bahia paraiso)

Boundaries of coast and antarctic convergence

Ice thickness

Length of training

Source of hot water in antarctica

Depth of antarctic waters

whales leave in winter

Color of the r/v polar duke

Numbers aboard the r/v polar duke

Ice core samples and volcanoes

Penguins, enjoying your job, favorite antarctic animal

evacuating palmer station

Zodiacs and animals

Ice calving forming icebergs

Sailing around cost of antarctica

Tracking past antarctic plant and animal life

Penguins molting

people living on antarctica permanently

Scientists share findings globally

Activity aboard the polar duke

emergencies aboard the polar duke

Penguin behavior around humans

Prepartions for antarctic scientific expeditions

underwater equipment for animal studies

Zodiacs, dangers and emergency situations

Learning from antarctic scientists

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