Announcing "LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2" -- the latest electronic field trip from the award-winning PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE series.

Experience life boat drill on the roughest waters on Earth!

Go study penguins amid the most spectacular scenery on Earth!

Interact with researchers at Earth's most remote research laboratory for marine biology and global climate change!

Break down the classroom walls, and connect your studies to the real-world using leading edge multi-media resources (live telecasts, on-line resources, and hands-on print curriculum resources) that are EASY to INTEGRATE and HIGHLY MOTIVATING.

In the past 2 years, PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE has taken students on electronic field trips to the South Pole and McMurdo Station, flown them up into the stratosphere aboard an infrared observatory, given them ways to get their hands on the Hubble Space Telescope, and launched them to Mars in a project extending into 1998!

Now, in January and February 1997, students and teachers have the chance to voyage back to Antarctica -- this time to an entirely new site, Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula, perhaps the most interesting place to study marine mammals on Earth.

You're invited to travel with us on LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2, using PTK's unique suite of multimedia resources: This integrated set of learning resources allows students to experience daily life on a scientific frontier, to interact with some of the planet's foremost experts on the creatures and locations they will see, and to simulate key aspects of the research in engaging and informative activities.

All PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE projects are aligned with the National Science Education Standards, and provide exemplary ways to integrate computer technologies and telecommunications into the regular course of instruction. The project provides a "pyramid" of opportunities to teachers and students, facilitating a meaningful experience from using just video and print, up through simple e-mail, to higher speed connections allowing CUSeeMe and other WWW tools. Teachers and Home Schoolers with no more than a personal e-mail account can still download and share Field Journals and student projects which will make Earth's most remote continent come to life. LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2 builds on proven aspects of the previous field trips, while pushing the envelope and providing innovative opportunities.


LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2 will provide an integrated range of resources, adaptable to many different teaching and learning environments. The project supports the simplest to the most advanced connectivity with innovative materials, such as:

"PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE "LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2" is supported in part by the National Science Foundation and the Office of Polar Programs, with satellite telecommunications made possible by NASA's ACTS Satellite Experiments Program. The on-line and live video portions of the field trip are partially underwritten by NASA and NSF and are free to educators.

PBS Teacher Resource Services supports PTK with satellite time and information and outreach services to PBS stations. CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR BOTH PBS AND NASA-TV CARRIAGE! PTK cannot guarantee local broadcast schedules.

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