Terry Trimingham - June 21, 1995
Communications Operator

    A very special solstice greetings to you all from here in McMurdo!

I'm not sure about folks at other places, but in McMurdo we are celebrating MIDwinter, not the first day of winter. We are VERY conscious of the fact that the sun is now at it's furthest from us, and will only be coming back CLOSER and CLOSER as the weeks go by from now on. Our solstice was this morning, 22 June at 0834. We have a tendency to think of the beginning of winter as when the last plane left in February! It is just a different perspective, but I wouldn't have been aware of it if I hadn't been here.

There are seasonal changes here, but they are fairly subtle. I think the only thing we can say for sure is that there are two "seasons" - light and dark, because it is always cold!
:) Terry

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