R a f a e l  P i n z a n o
Senior Materials Person for the Food Warehouses

I am the Senior materials person for the food warehouses. I am responsible for the food and beverage for McMurdo station and for suppling the various field camps (Central West Antarctica, Willy Field, Bird Field Camp, Berg Field Center, South Pole). I recently went to the South Pole to do the first ever supply inventory.

Education: 2 years as a physics major at C.U. @ Boulder. I actually took more math than physics.


  • Copper Mt. Ski resort Summit County Colorado.
    1 year as food and beverage buyer
    2 years as kitchen foreman
    4 years as storeroom foreman

  • Arctic Alaska Inc. Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    1 year as a deck hand aboard the F/V Unimak Enterprise which was a 170 Ft. factery trawler. We worked on the Bering Sea between the Aluetian Islands and the Bering Strait.

  • Dutch Harbor Seafood, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    1 year as ships cook, processer, offloader (unloaded live crab from "boats" hold aboard the M/V Omnisea which was a 335 Ft. processer). We also worked the Bering Sea.

Motivation to come to Antarctica:
Travel- I have traveled North America extensively, living in 7 different states (N.Y., Vermont, Fla, Colo, Alaska, Wash, Calif) I also have been through every state in the U.S. at least once. I felt it was time to touch every continent on the planet. This was an oppurtunity to get to the one continent that few people can reach.

Adventure- As you can tell by my previous jobs I love to work in environments that are very unique and risky. Life should be thrilling! This position offered a thrill of a lifetime.

Money- If I did not mention this factor I would only be fooling myself. With good pay, bonus and NO bills to pay (food, rent, utilities) it gives me the opportunity to travel the world at MY leisure and still have plenty left to invest.

Goals: To understand as much as possible the continent of Antarctica including the GREAT men who conquered it. To excel within this company. Learn my job and do the best I possibly can. It is an inside joke to say you are working to support science but I honestly do feel that I am. This itself feels like a goal accomplished. Do more writing than I've ever had a chance to (book?).

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