"Live From Antarctica"

Katy McNitt - January 11, 1995
Expert on Ozone and Climate Change


Today was the first-ever Live TV broadcast from the South Pole: did you see it? A bunch of the station personnel gathered around the geographic pole to watch Elizabeth Felton place the new marker. The brown building you may have seen in the background was the Clean Air Facility: that's where I work! I was in the background, too, but it would be hard to pick me out of the crowd! I was wearing a red parka, white pants, a video camera around my neck, and I guess I was the only person with goggles and sunglasses. But everyone tends to look alike here!

We were all cold from standing around by the time you saw us on television, so I know the LFA crew must have been FREEZING: they were outside most of the morning, setting up for the short live piece that you saw.

John "J.P." Parlin, the man in the brown coveralls who held up the U.S. flag, is our Station Manager, and he'll "winter-over" with the other 26 of us. His is one of the hardest jobs on station because he's responsible for all of the logistics and all of the people. Since our world here is so "small", the little problems seem like BIG problems, and J.P. is the one who has to deal with all that! Yikes!

Part of the final broadcast of LIVE FROM...ANTARCTICA! will be about the Clean Air Facility, and I hope to be in McMurdo to answer questions during that show.

Why do you suppose we have to move the Pole marker every year?

Cheers, Katy

Katy McNitt LTJG, NOAA
S-257 "Monitoring Climate Change"
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

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