"After the Air-drop"

Katy McNitt - July 2, 1995
Expert on Ozone and Climate Change

    Things are starting to return to "normal" at the South Pole, now that the excitement from airdrop is wearing off. We're still working on our Thank You notes, but much of the chocolate is consumed and we're all caught-up on the past year's sports events and Northern Exposure episodes.

With airdrop, the doctor received the materials she needs to teach a "Wilderness Medicine" course, so that's how we're spending our Wednesday nights. Last week's topic was High Altitude Sickness. One of the ways to treat it is to put the patient inside a big duffel bag, which you then pressurize to simulate a lower altitude. Three people took turns in the bag and we put enough pressure in there for them to pretend they were back in Denver, at 5,000 feet!

We still have some freshies left but they're dwindling fast. Last weekend, eight of us crowded into the kitchen to make our favorite appetizers, using as many fresh vegetables as possible! Next week, the French class is going to cook, and we'll finish off the station's last few bottles of red wine...

Today's weather has been really strange and summertime warm. In just over one day, the temperature rose from -65 to -29 F! Some folks celebrated the "heat wave" by going outside without their coats on, to take pictures of the aurora.

And that's today's news from 90 South!

Cheers: Katy McNitt
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

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