J e f f  M e r r e l l
Marine Scientist

- Currently I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland's Horn Point Environmental Lab working towards my Master of Science degree in Biological Oceanography, with Dr. Diane Stoecker as my advisor. My responsibilities as a student here are to take classes to learn more about oceanography and related fields; also I spend much of my time working on a scientific research project of my own.

- Even in my gradeschool years, I have always been interested in science, especially biology. I've always enjoyed learning, both in school and on my own, about how the natural world works. My interest led me to major in Biology at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. The excellent teaching and facilities allowed me to be able to do an extensive research project involving field work (sampling and studying the microorganisms living in a local lake) and laboratory work (including working with a scanning electron microscope). After graduation, my interest in science was even greater, so I applied to and was accepted at the University of MD to work with Dr. Diane Stoecker. My interest in microorganisms and my good fortune to be able work with Diane provided me with the exciting opportunity to travel to Antarctica to do scientific research on the microorganisms that live in the sea-ice surrounding Antarctica.

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