D e a n e  R i n k
Video Field Producer

Attended Cornell University as English major; did graduate work at San Francisco State and Cornell in literature; got a LL.D degree from Golden Gate U. School of Law, after which time I realized being a lawyer was a road to an early, ulcer-filled grave.

I began TV career as researcher for Carl Sagan during 2.5 year production cycle for COSMOS, and that's where I became acquainted with Geoff Haines-Stiles. Post-COSMOS, I was assoc. producer and co-writer of Emmy-winning series PLANET EARTH (which occasioned my first trip to the Antarctic ten years ago), then Director of Research and assoc. prod. for PBS series of specials going out under the umbrella-title THE INFINITE VOYAGE. Found time somewhere in there to work with GHS on two of his Novas, THE ROCKY ROAD TO JUPITER and CAN THE NEXT PRESIDENT WIN THE SPACE RACE?

More recently, producer and writer of a CD-ROM enititled AMAZONIA, commissioned by Paramount Communications for Smithsonian's Washington National Zoo; segment producer for Discovery Channel currently-airing program WORLD OF WONDER; research consultant for PBS program currently-airing, FUTURE QUEST; and, as you know, field producer for LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA.

Much of what I've done has been science or science-policy and my specialty, if I have one (since I consider myself a fortunate dilettante), has been translating arcane material into lay terms - a feat not usually associated with my writing style, which has frequently been described as convoluted and polysyllabic. In the interstices beneath all this lies a few interesting stories, probably not suitable for children's publication, but essential to personal growth and the most essential element of all - having fun and figuring out a way to get paid for it!

Hasta la penguino, or as my California friends would say: "have a nice day, enjoy your life, die happy, and come back as something wonderful."


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