C h r i s  H a n s o n
Computer Technician

Q: What is your current job (title and responsibilities)?
A: Computer God. If it winks, blinks, bleeps or beeps, I fix it.

Q: How did you get to this point in your career (what education and previous jobs did you have)?
A: Self-taught. High school education, half a semester of a Computer Science degree at University of Colorado. Computer Science at most universities is a joke, many years behind the real world. I think there are three people in the whole of Information Systems who actually have a degree in computers.

5+ years in various computer tech and support jobs, with moonlight programming and design thrown in.

Q: What was your personal motivation for following this path?
A: Cool place to visit. Makes better sense to get a job down here where someone _pays_ you thousands of dollars to come here, as opposed to taking a vacation cruise and paying someone else thousands of dollars. Refreshing break from the O.J. Simpson hype in the Real World too.

Q: What are your goals during the next year?
A: Top Secret. Could tell you, but would have to kill you then. A partner of mine is running my software development company while I'm away. Lots of things to do there when I get back.

Q: What other personal tidbits would you like to share (hobbies, family, etc)?
A: Skiing! (Which we don't get to do down here.) Cycling. Writing. Doing cool new things with computers. Digitial art and animation.

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