A n n  S t e v e n s
Passenger Coordinator

My current job is passenger coordinator for the Movement Control Center. The responsibilities include coordinating passengers for flights into the deep field via LC-130 aircraft. This means I am working closely with several agencies: Navy, National Science Foundation and Antarctic Support Associates. I also work closely with the pilots and cargo coordinators to support the logistics of deep field operations.

During the two previous seasons I worked in the Chalet, the headquarters of the National Science Foundation. There I worked closely with the scientists in planning travel arrangements both to and from the deep field, as well as back to their places of residence.

My education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Philosophy, as well as a Paralegal Certificate. In the past I worked as a paralegal. I learned of Antarctic Operations and decided that I could not pass up the opportunity. My first job in the Chalet was an administrative position and my employers thought that my background was well related to this position.

My personal motivation was that this would be an opportunity of a lifetime-- a chance to travel to one of the most remote places in the world. This was a place that few people would ever have a chance to see. I would be able to learn more about the various science projects and travel to a pristine continent. I was contemplating going to law school at the time and decided it would be the perfect time in my life to take advantage of the opportunity to relocate.

My goals are currently to finish the season and do some traveling. My husband is a helicopter pilot with the Navy here in Antarctica. He will be transferring to a new squadron next year so our exact plans will depend on where we will be stationed next.

Other tidbits: The fact that my husband and I met a few years ago down here is very special. He, as I previously stated, flies helicopters and has opportunities to spend lots of time out in the Dry Valleys, which is a very special area. We both have opportunities to go hiking out and around town. At home I am very active. I enjoy rafting, hiking, climbing (they also have a new climbing wall in McMurdo) and horseback riding. My family is very special to me and I miss them dearly, but we stay in close contact.

Happy Holidays!!
Ann Stevens

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