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New & Now is the place to find links to new information and images on this website, and around the WWW. Please check back often to find out all the latest happenings on, under and in the Ice!

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There's lots of new material to explore in every section of the site, so we hope you'll find fun and information wherever you look.

In LAND, be sure to use the interactive animations to see how different East and West Antarctica are in their geology, and how the ice sheets double the continent's size in Antarctic winter and summer.

(BTW, in every section you'll find new and unfamiliar words keyed to our online Glossary, and teacher-reviewed links to websites providing still more information.)

LIFE provides some great images to go with key facts about the living creatures of the continent. Be sure to marvel at our close ups of Emperor and Adelie penguins, and seals of many species. (Watch out for those Leopard seals' teeth!)

RESEARCH/ers houses BIOgraphies and JOURNALS from our earlier electronic field trips, but also an UPDATE on the Earth, Life and Space science that's been done in Antarctica in recent research seasons. Once again, there are links to background stories, but also to several expeditions happening right NOW! Be sure to click through to connect with the Antarctic Search for Meteorites and the US ITASE field experiments going on during the 2001-2002 northern winter (which is, of course, the southern summer--primetime for Antarctic field work.)

Teachers--you'll want to "explore" the EDUCATORS section of the bottom navigation panel. This section will provide an overview of how you can use PASSPORT TO ANTARCTICA in class. Be sure to see how PTANT will help you meet state and national standards, and--if you want to dig deeper into results from previous PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE adventures--check out ASSESSMENT.

Students--soon to come (that's why there's a "Continuing Construction" icon there for now!) ways you can have fun while learning to recognize and understand the amazing creatures of the Ice. Check back soon for interactive opportunities.

And since this is an interactive site... we'd like to hear from you. That's why the final choice on that bottom navigation bar is... CONTACT US!