Welcome to the PASSPORT TO ANTARCTICA website, your "pass-portal" to a unique multiple media teaching and learning package that will help you understand and appreciate one of the Earth's most unique environments.

On-line, you're invited to explore what "old Antarctic explorers" (who, today, include adventurous young men and women in their 20s who come back year after year to do research or support the science teams) call "The Ice." This website has 4 main sections, LAND, LIFE, RESEARCH/ers, and NEW & NOW. Roll-over the headings and you'll soon see what information awaits. Each section provides essential facts, but just as importantly provides links to the best resources elsewhere on the WWW. Whether you're a teacher or student, please explore the human environment, as well as the natural world. RESEARCH/ers houses BIOgraphies and FIELD JOURNALS from our own earlier PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE expeditions to the Ice, and also UPDATES from more recent visitors and research campaigns.

If you're a student, check out STUDENTS' CORNER, which has some fun ways to test your knowledge of Antarctica. And if you're a teacher or adult care-giver seeking ways to use your youngsters fascination with penguins or the South Pole into "teachable moments", check out EDUCATORS, which will describe a wide range of hands-on Activities and interactive opportunities which you can access via subscription.

This website is designed as a companion resource to the eight 15 minute PASSPORT TO ANTARCTICA videos being broadcast by participating PBS stations and statewide educational networks across the nation. If your local station isn't carrying the programs, they're available on tape.

Visiting Antarctica is a life-transforming experience: P2K hopes that the journey which you start here, on the WWW, may one day lead you to venture South to see this amazing place in person.

Bon voyage, and Godspeed in your exploration of Antarctica!
Geoff Haines-Stiles
Project Director, PASSPORT TO ANTARCTICA and the LIVE FROM specials.

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