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Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, iciest and most remote continent on our planet. It's one of the most difficult and dangerous places to visit, and yet one of the most fascinating and instructive.

I love it, I love the ice. You know, the first time I came to Antarctica, I had no idea what to expect and then I started working down here and I became an "ice freak." I love the sea ice, I think it's fascinating. I mean I find it physically beautiful. I just like working in Antarctica.
Microbiologist Diane Stoecker

It's a continent of mysteries and paradoxes. Surrounded by 90% of all the ice, and 70% of all the fresh water on Earth, it's also drier than the Gobi or Sahara deserts. It seems white, uniform and flat, but Antarctica is, on average, the highest continent on the planet, with ice in some places nearly 3 miles deep. The interior is almost life-less, populated only by hardy microbes and resourceful scientists motivated to understand the unknown and supported by powerful technologies. Yet the shores of this barren continent bloom with life: at certain times of year, they pulse with productivity surpassing even the warm waters of the Tropics.

It's always been an adventure for me (and) I've been coming here for almost twenty years now. When you leave the Antarctic, it's as if it's a dream world. There's nothing back anywhere else that you can compare it too, and that's what really keeps us going. Basically it's the science, because that's our job, but it's tremendously fun.
Marine mammal researcher Mike Castellini

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