P A S S P O R T   T O    K N O W L E D G E
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JANUARY 24, 1995                                            UPDATES-LFA-7

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LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA is a partnership.  WE NEED  >> YOU !<<

*** Please read "Telecomputing" and "Teacher" sections to see how you can help determine the future of Passport to Knowledge.

                ---====|     |NTRODUCTION     |=====---

The Live from Antarctica project has three basic components


We send you this newsletter each week to keep you informed of our progress in each of these three areas.

                ---====|   T E L E V I S I O N   |=====---

We hope you saw program 4, "From Pole to Planet," the last live video component of our electronic filed trip to Antarctica. We are still taking questions to the scientists and we will be posting field journals for the next week or so. But autumn is coming to Antarctica and many of the scientists and our filming crew are going north before the 24-hour nights of winter arrive in Antarctica. But leaving the Ice leaves people changed. Consider this comment from the Live from Antarctica film producer, Dean Rink:

"Nobody who comes here returns to the States without a profound and significant change having occurred to some portion of their world view. Antarctica is that powerful, that beautiful, that inspiring of a place."

We hope that all of you were touched in some way by the magic of this ice desert, this place of unbelievable extremes, our global telescope to the universe, and our shared trust. While Antarctica is home to none of us, it is a very special part of our homeland earth. It stands as the birthplace of a new era of international cooperation that we hope will shape the way we treat our planet Earth.

Videotapes of the four programs are available for purchase from Passport to Knowledge.

If your PBS station did NOT air the programs, you might call and ask them to consider it.

To all who cooperated to make it possible to take students on this unique adventure, we are grateful. And, to those who came along on this adventure, WE NEED to hear from you. Read on...

           ---====|   T E L E C O M P U T I N G   |=====---

We were very pleased to make it possible for you and your students to help shape the content of our last program and to add their questions to those that were asked "on-air."

We tried to build in answers to as many of the questions as possible given the limited time of these live broadcasts. Any questions that we did not address to your satisfaction can be redirected to our on going student-scientist Q&A. This is no longer available.

Please remember to put unrelated questions in separate Email messages. We will continue to accept questions through January 31. Although we answer these questions as quickly as possible, a recent flood of questions has slowed us down. Expect delays up to several weeks. As an alternative, consider searching through our existing database for question/answer pairs matching your interests.

Program Four: Focus on Ozone

On Program four, From Pole to Planet, we had a number of students showing you the work that they did in the classroom and using Internet resources to understand the issues of ozone depletion and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. You saw students on the Internet and the students in Maryland work with an ozone science kit available from TERC.

For more information on the TERC Ozone Kit:

                   Bruce Rigby or Michelle Gerrard
                   2067 Massachusetts Avenue,
                   Cambridge MA 02140
                   Phone (617) 547-0430  Fax (617) 349-3535

The student papers described can be read at

Here are list of sources for exploring the major topics of program four using the Internet resources including satellite images, data streams, photographs, maps, charts and other forms of information. We are posting more extensive lists on our web and gopher servers (see below for addresses).

Web Sites:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (NOAA)   http//
FSU Department of Meteorology           
Greenpeace Internation Organization     
Atmospheric Ozone         
Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer(TOMS) 
The Daily Planet (University of Illinois)
Weather Satellite Images           
Volcano World                         
The Earth System Science Community Curriculum
GLOBE Project          

Gopher Sites:

CIESIN Global Change Information Gateway
USGS Seismology Reports                     
US Geology Survey Gopher                         
Earth Science Data Directory                     
Earth Science Resources                       
EE-LINK- The Environmental Education Gopher  


We need *YOUR* help.

The Live from Antarctica Team has worked hard to provide a very unusual adventure for you and your students. While you could look through the television screen to see us, we cannot use technology to look back at all of you. We don't know WHO was watching and HOW you used the materials we created.

We want to know how many people were with us on this journey and how useful this type of experience was in stimulating thinking and provoking learning. We cannot find this information without *your* help.

There is a Teacher and Student Evaluation Form

            |                                         |
            |     AND we will send it online in       |
            |      early February to this list        |
            |             (Updates-lfa)               |
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         /__|              EVALUATION                 |__\
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         |/~~~\___ i--    i\  /i   ^   i i   ~~~~~~~\___/|
         |/~~~\___ |-- ** | \/ |  /_\  | |   ~~~~~~\___ /|
         |/~~~\___ |__    |    | /   \ | |___ ~~~~\___/  |

                     PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

Complete it and send it back.

We also will appreciate any letters, comments, suggestions and especially examples of student work (poems, letters, reports etc.).

Please mail to:                        Or Email to:

P O Box  1587               
Morristown, NJ, 07962-1587

Online Update:

Here is a quick update on how our other online activities:

	  A conference for updates and journals (1015 subscribers)
      An interactive environment for teachers (261 subscribers)
      Four Learning Centers for student exchanges (about 25 classes in each)
      Students' questions to the Antarctic Team (over 500 questions)
      Mail list for receiving all question-answer pairs (110 subscribers)

      Weekly Challenge Questions for students
      A searchable encyclopedia of question-answer pairs
      Research Journals written by our Antarctic Explorers
      Online Teacher's guide
      More activities to extend program content in the classroom
      Resource materials on Antarctica
      Links to world-wide resources available on the Internet

            ___                                                      ___
  _-==-_   (___)----------------------------------------------------(___)
 /  ..  \__|   | For information on all online features, send Email |   |
/| `--' |___)  |          To:                                       |   |
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(___\/___) |   |              |   |
           |___|                                    .               |___|


Last Week's Challenge Question


The Answer Is: K N O W L E D G E

We hoped you enjoyed this riddle.

Research Journals

We hope you are enjoying reading the research journals. This week we have sent journals entries from:

        Roxanne Streeter. Communications Engineer
        Elizabeth Felton, student at Northwestern University, Chicago
        Terry Trimingham, radio operator with ASA

                ---====|    T E A C H E R S      |=====---

We are eager to her your comments. Both positive comments like these and suggestions for ways of making future programs as useful as possible. Feedback is ESSENTIAL!! This is a collaborative project and we need and want your help!

Public money was spent on this project and we all share the responsibility of accounting for this resource. PLEASE let us know what you liked or did not like about this project.

We hope you will see evaluation as necessary part of the cycle of learning for you and for your students. To let your students know how important their comments are to us, we have put together a package of incentives.

On Feb. 28 we will randomly select 10 from among the completed sets of Teacher and Student evaluation forms and the lucky classes will receive:

  1. Large Color map of Antarctica, as seen behind the kids in VA in Pgm 3;
  2. US Antarctica Program patches for all students in the class
  3. Choice of one of the LIVE from ANTARCTICA Program Tapes
  4. a SPIREX poster
  5. a set of 35mm color slides from NS's archives
  6. a copy of the "PLEASE COPY THIS DISK " archive of the questions and and answers exchanged between scientists and students.

So please send in your evaluation forms.

Classroom Resources:

You can order a printed copy of the Teacher's Guide from Passport to Knowledge.

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