DISCUSS-ANTARCTICA (coming soon!) is the project's online discussion forum specifically designed to provide participating teachers with a place to ask questions about implementing the project, solicit ideas about useful materials and appropriate resources, share ideas about classroom strategies that have worked for them, and in general find answers to any kind of challenge they face. You can think of it as a "virtual faculty lounge."

Moderated by online moderator Eileen Bendixsen, the DISCUSS list for each successive P2K project has developed into an ever-more powerful and useful resource as P2K "vets" welcome newcomers, and all of us discover answers as the project grows and evolves. There are as many postings as there are participants who want to contribute, so the volume of messages varies over time. Please check out the archives of DISCUSS-ANTARCTICA or any previous project to see the best justification for subscribing to this valuable resource. Lurk at first, and then speak up-whatever you choose, you're very welcome to join DISCUSS!

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