Video 4: Penguin Power-At Home on the Ice

Humans and penguins meet their common needs for warmth, food, and shelter in very different ways amid the most extreme conditions on Earth. Your students will examine adaptation and strategies of competition and cooperation as key to penguins' survival in Antarctica.

  •  "Penguin Profiles" characterizes the four most prolific penguin species living in Antarctica: the Emperor, Chinstrap, Gentoo, and Adelie.

  •  "Parenting Behaviors." Set out with researcher Carol Vleck from Iowa State University as she commutes by inflatable boat to Torgerson Island, where she has been studying Adelies for several years, and learn about the annual life cycle of these penguins.
  •  "Physical Adaptations" explains, through dramatic close-up images, the key aspects of Emperor penguin physiology leading to their survival.
  • Through the video and related activities your students will:

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