National Standards Program 1

Selected "NSES/2061 Benchmarks" met by the video, hands-on and online resources:
Program 1

1.2.1 Knows that water can change from one state to another (solid, liquid, gas) through various processes (e.g., freezing, condensation, precipitation, evaporation)
1.3.2 Knows that the Earth is comprised of layers including a core, mantle, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere
1.3.5 Knows how the tilt of the Earth's axis and the Earth's revolution around the Sun affect seasons and weather patterns (i.e., heat falls more intensely on one part or another of the Earth's surface during its revolution around the Sun)
2.3.4 Knows that the Earth's crust is divided into plates that move at extremely slow rates in response to movements in the mantle
3.3.6 Knows how the regular and predictable motions of the Sun and Moon explain phenomena on Earth (e.g., the day, the year, phases of the Moon, eclipses, tides, shadows)
12.2.2 Knows that light can be reflected, refracted, or absorbed
16.3.5 Knows that throughout history, many scientific innovators have had difficulty breaking through accepted ideas of their time to reach conclusions that are now considered to be common knowledge